how to download Sublime Text editor

Sublime text editor is a quick, free, easy to use text editor that you can use to make your website look more clean and proffesional for whover visits.

Things needed


  1. First open up a new tab in your web browser
  2. then go to the google search if you are not already there
  3. Search up Sublime Text Editor download in the search bar
  4. press enter to bring you to a different tab
  5. then click on the link that brings you to the download tab
  6. Click download for the type of computor you are using weather that be mac or windows
  7. Wait for the app to download and this time may vary because it depends on how strong or fast your computor is at downloading but is should take about 5-10mins
  8. Once the app is done downloading, open the app
  9. Create a new tab using the file tab for mac or command+shift+N if you are on windows but command+shift+N also works on Mac.
  10. Now you are done and you can use the Sublime Text Editor to better improve whaever you are working on.